Susan Zienty is a womenswear fashion designer based in New York, NY.  The work she produces is the result of a craving to discomfort and a hunger to arouse. She creates in a fashion that disputes the standard perception of dress by bringing the female form to the forefront. Through a meticulous understanding of the contemporary woman and the frame she occupies, Susan aims to expose her and clothe her in a way that provokes thought and confronts ideals.

As a result of her devotion to challenging societal norms, she is dedicated to exploring issues widely perceived as contentious or provocative. Susan is purposeful and articulate in conveying and conceptualizing design ideas. A strong admiration for process, experimentation, and questioning traditional elements of design defines her distinct perspective of the relationship between fabric and the female form.  By merging her aptitude for wondering, her determination to discover inventive solutions, and her strong communication skills, Susan is empowered to innovate both independently and collaboratively.


In 2017, Susan was awarded the CFDA Liz Claiborne $25,000 Scholarship Award highlighting innovation and technology through the integration of artificial spider silk fibers.

In 2018, Susan was awarded the CFDA Kenneth Cole Footwear Innovation Award for her collection in collaboration with Braid Mission, an organization focused on connecting adults and children in the system to heal the wounds of foster care.  Susan was recognized by Kenneth Cole as impressively passionate with a strong understanding of social responsibility.


Photo | Mac Shafer

Photo | Mac Shafer